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Why are Black and Brown communities the primary focus of your work?

We at Aya Solutions are committed to ensuring fair access to healthy food for everyone, with a special focus on Black and Brown communities. These communities often face significant barriers to accessing good food and having a voice in food-related decisions.

Our mission is to level the playing field, ensuring food equity and building a more just world by collaborating across different communities to dismantle obstacles and foster fairness in food access and societal practices.

What is Food Security and Food Sovereignty?

Food Security is about people having access to enough nutritious and safe food to lead healthy lives. It’s focused on the availability and ease of access to food.

On the other hand, Food Sovereignty is when communities have the power to shape their food systems, including the choice of how food is grown and who grows it. It emphasizes sustainable, earth-friendly farming practices and fair conditions for farmers, making it not just about having enough food but also about ethical and local control over food production.

Can you help me start a project about food?

Absolutely! If you’re dreaming of initiating a project that facilitates access to healthy food, we’re here to guide and support you. From planning and obtaining financial resources to imparting crucial agricultural knowledge, we’re dedicated to partnering with you to ensure your project takes off and thrives over time. Contact us to get started.

How does faith play a role in your work?

Started by a Christian Minister who is passionate about bringing different faith groups together to help improve their communities, Aya Solutions is deeply rooted in faith. This faith encourages us to act kindly and aim for a big, positive change in the world.

We team up with both religious and non-religious groups to help communities, focusing a lot on making sure everyone has enough to eat. Our belief in fairness, caring, and helping each other is central to what we do. It drives us to fight hunger and build up the strength and togetherness of communities.

What makes you special compared to other groups?

Our unique approach, rooted in faith, resilience, and collaboration, sets us apart. We work across sectors to tackle food insecurity, bringing together diverse partners to ensure that everyone, especially those in marginalized communities, has access to healthy, nutritious food.

Who do you work with?

We collaborate with a wide range of partners, including non-profits, businesses, government agencies, faith groups, and environmental organizations. Our collective efforts are focused on creating sustainable and equitable food systems for all.

How can I support or get involved with Aya Solutions?

If you’re moved by our mission and want to contribute, we welcome your involvement. Contacting us via our website or social media is the first step towards joining our cause and making a difference in food justice and community empowerment.

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