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We are committed to creating a more just and sustainable food system underpinned by a rich heritage of faith, resilience, and community empowerment.


Faith & Resilience

Rooted in our heritage, inspired by the tenacity of our founders and the spiritual leadership of Andre Towner, we embody faith and resilience in facing challenges to ensure equitable food access.

Community Empowerment & Collaboration

We are dedicated to empowering marginalized communities and fostering collaboration across sectors, amplifying voices to effect positive change and sustainable food security.

Passion for Justice and Operational Excellence

Driven by a deep commitment to social justice, we assist organizations in enhancing their operational effectiveness, ensuring they can focus on their passionate mission with excellence.

Stewardship and Sustainability

Prioritizing sustainable practices, we guide organizations towards stewardship of resources, ensuring long-term viability and environmental responsibility.

Educational Outreach and Advocacy

Committed to raising awareness and educating on food sovereignty and security, we advocate for systemic change and empower communities through knowledge and leadership.

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Aya Solutions is dedicated to amplifying the voices and strengthening the capabilities of organizations focused on producing, processing, and distributing healthy, affordable food to historically marginalized communities.

Founded on principles of faith, resilience, and community empowerment, we work at the intersection of nonprofit, for-profit, and government sectors.

Our mission is to support these vital organizations in overcoming regulatory and operational challenges, securing funding, and enhancing their impact, ultimately contributing to the creation of food-sovereign and secure communities.

Our BackgroundRooted in Resilience, Growing Towards Justice

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At Aya Solutions, our story is interwoven with the enduring spirit of resilience and a deep-seated commitment to justice, values that trace back to the remarkable lives of Claiborne and Arrilla Towner.

Born into the harsh realities of slavery in late nineteenth-century America, Claiborne’s journey of liberation began with a daring escape during the Civil War, a testament to the indomitable will for freedom. Alongside Arrilla, they faced monumental challenges as they worked tirelessly as sharecroppers, striving to purchase and rightfully claim their land in rural Mississippi.

Their journey wasn’t just about securing a piece of earth; it was about laying the foundations for a thriving African American farming community and embodying the aspirations of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Read the full story here.

From these roots of perseverance and faith, Andre Towner, their great-grandchild and a Christian minister, founded Aya Solutions. Andre’s vision was to extend the legacy of his ancestors through a social enterprise that would empower community-driven initiatives, particularly in the realms of food sovereignty and security.

Aya Solutions stands at the intersection of nonprofit, for-profit, and government sectors, channeling the collective energy of diverse entities to nourish and uplift historically marginalized communities.


Our name (and symbol included in our logo), derived from the West African Adinkra symbol ‘Aya,’ meaning ‘fern,’ epitomizes our ethos. Just as the fern thrives in challenging environments, we at Aya Solutions are dedicated to flourishing in the face of adversity, fostering resilience and independence in the communities we serve.

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Our Mission inAction

Our Mission inAction

Understanding the passion driving organizations that feed and nurture marginalized communities, we recognize that their zeal often overshadows the intricate and necessary tasks of organizational management. Aya Solutions steps in to bridge this gap, offering expert assistance in funding acquisition, regulatory navigation, and process optimization. We are not just consultants; we are partners in your mission to create accessible, healthy food systems.

Empowering Growth, Nourishing Communities

As we help organizations help the world, our story continues to be written with every community we empower, every partnership we forge, and every initiative we amplify. Our commitment is not just to food security but to a broader vision of human flourishing, deeply rooted in the soil of faith, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of justice.

Aya Solutions – We help you, help the world.


Client-Centric Solutions for Food Equity

Tailoring services to meet evolving client needs and market trends in the context of food sovereignty, ensuring access to culturally appropriate, sustainable, and healthy food options.

Strategic Communication for Social Impact

Articulating complex ideas related to food security, food sovereignty, and justice in clear, relatable terms to engage clients and stakeholders effectively, fostering a deeper understanding of these critical issues.

Market Insight and Adaptability for Food Justice

Staying ahead of market shifts in the realm of food justice, providing informed guidance on equitable food systems, and adapting strategies to combat food insecurity.

Resource Mobilization for Sustainable Food Systems

Navigating funding landscapes to secure resources for initiatives promoting food sovereignty and security, showcasing financial sustainability models for just food systems.

Client Needs Analysis for Food Access

Conducting in-depth assessments to align solutions with client goals of ensuring equitable access to fresh, locally sourced, and culturally diverse food options.

Thought Leadership and Impact in Food Equity

Leading discussions on ethical, environmental, and social issues related to food sovereignty, advocating for sustainable practices and food justice, and driving meaningful change within the food system.

Innovation and Adaptation for Food Sustainability

Pioneering new approaches in food production, distribution, and community engagement to address food sovereignty, security, and justice, embracing change to create equitable food systems.

Meet OurFounder

Andre Towner

Andre Towner

Founder & Managing Partner

Andre Towner, founder of Aya Solutions, embodies a legacy of resilience and advocacy inherited from his ancestors and others who dedicated their lives to community service and social justice.

As a descendant of this formidable lineage and a U.S. military veteran, Andre has seamlessly transitioned into a ministry role, applying his leadership and compassion in congregational and nonprofit settings. He holds degrees in Aviation, Business Administration, Religion, and Leadership, bringing a well-rounded perspective to his work.

Deeply committed to his roots, Andre actively engages in community service, serving on various boards and councils, and is a staunch advocate for marginalized communities. He resides in Washington, DC, with his family, continuing the Towner family’s enduring commitment to empowerment and advocacy.

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